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Client: CED

The dressing of an exhibition stand is not normally associated with a wallpaper finish, but the client chose this option because they were looking to simulate the inside of a building. The material used (Digimura Brut 1.1) has a rugged, sand-blasted uniform finish that adds impact to both graphics and photography. Perfectly suited to both relaxing backdrops, and focal point installations, this finish is as durable as it is accommodating – and as eye-catching as any alternative substrate. The large flat screen TV, displayed over the top of the wallpaper, had no reflective glare, and proved no detriment to the visual impact the stand wished to display.

The large back wall (blue), was produced on fabric in one piece and was stretched, then wrapped around a timber frame to give the impression of a solid back wall. This is a cost effective way to produce large walls and is exceptionally easy to transport.