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Client: BioStrata

The client was moving premises and asked us to decorate their new reception area with a couple of branded walls. They wanted a smooth, hard wearing, none textured finish to walls. It would have to guarantee replicating a painted finish, and very importantly, reflect the company brand. After interrogation of material, through the printing of different wallpaper samples, Digimura Smooth 2.1 was chosen to create the desired effect because it has a silky smooth, non-reflective semi-matt finish. It’s exceptional colour reproduction, and line definition proved successful and rewarding to the client, and the patience shown collectively by the client and us, proved Digimura 2.1, without doubt, was perfect for the job. The high-white finish gives high-impact. The reproduction of well designed graphics and quality photography will make an impressive statement on any wall.

To finish the wall off, we printed, an acrylic branded logo. This was then mounted, using stand-offs, and installed by us onto the wall to give a very impressive 3D effect.